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Our Teachers

Our highly dedicated staff offer personalised attention to celebrate and encourage the unique potential and talent of each and every student, with a particular focus on promoting creative thinking and fostering an interest in life-long learning.

Teaching Philosophy

Ku-ring-gai High School is focused on ensuring a "Culture of Thinking" for both students and teachers. As a teacher, you make the difference. Quality teaching is the most important factor in enhancing a student's performance at school. Our teaching philosophy is primarily to inspire, challenge and create, believing that engaged learning comes as a result of established quality teaching frameworks within our school.

Professional Learning Plan

Our staff are encouraged and supported by a comprehensive Professional Learning Plan, which ensures our students benefit from the very best teaching and learning practices available. The school’s policy for professional learning draws upon these practices and recognises that the participation of teams and individuals in workplace learning, and in the wider professional context, is crucial to developing quality professional practice.

Our teachers are at the forefront of modern education, constantly striving to develop better classroom techniques and tailoring the latest innovative strategies to get the best out of every student.

Lifelong Learning Community

Teachers at Ku-ring-gai- HS have been given the opportunity to work with Simon Brooks, a world renowned educational consultant. As a result of these ongoing professional learning opportunities, many of our teachers have become involved in action research projects. These action research projects allow educators to pursue an area of interest in pedagogy, while simultaneously providing our educational community with a deeper understanding of student learning and engagement.

It has been a few years now that our teachers have been working collaboratively with teachers across the NS5. These teams provide many extension opportunities for our students and teachers to work collaboratively in projects of interest. These teams provide a platform for further collaboration while attaining new perspectives and challenging and extending knowledge and understanding.

Our school is committed to building and maintaining a culture of thinking where young people are equipped with the necessary skills to adapt to our ever changing world. Young people at Ku-ring-gai are encouraged and nurtured to be critical and creative thinkers, individuals with problem solving capabilities, visionaries equipped to see and seize current and future opportunities to extend and excel in in all aspects of life.

Yvonne Garcia HT. English /Drama

Year Advisers

The key responsibilities of each Adviser is to meet the personal and social needs of the students within their year, and to enhance their wellbeing within the school’s environment – A range of measures are used and include:

  • Responsibility for student pastoral care - students may seek help voluntarily or be referred by staff.
  • Interviews with students and/or parents in conjunction with, or independent of, the Principal or Deputy Principal(s).
  • Liaison with the Head Teacher Welfare, the Counsellor and other members of the school’s Welfare team.
  • Assisting new students with allocation of classes, orientation and settling in.
  • Assisting students with specific problems, for example: social; health; bereavement; and drawing these issues to the attention of the appropriate staff member.

Supervisor of Girls

In addition to Year Advisers we have a Supervisor of Girls whose role is to provide additional support and guidance to female students.




As a smaller secondary school located in Northern Turramurra in Northern Sydney, Ku-ring-gai High School is able to offer a very personalised and individual approach to supporting student learning and achievement. Often called “the best kept secret on the North Shore” due to our size and outstanding academic results, our school is located on the edge of the very beautiful Ku-ring-gai National Park - a short 12 minute bus ride from Turramurra Station. We have a wide drawing area with the opportunity for students from outside that area to apply for enrolment. Our focus is on creativity, innovation and challenge. Ku-ring-gai is a comprehensive co-educational high school offering the same curriculum as all secondary schools in NSW and enhanced by a special structure which allows for a creativity stream. This Talent Enrichment Program (TEP) offers students who are gifted, talented or interested in creative or performing arts, sports, technology or design options, the opportunity to choose extra classes, often with tutors or coaches to engage them and further develop their skills and interests.



Our innovative and creative approach to education has seen the school well placed to implement the educational changes needed to enable students to meet the challenges faced by 21st century learners.

Ku-ring-gai fosters strong educational connections with local primary schools through our year 5 and 6 Enrichment Day Program as well as Project Based interactive learning activities. Our partnership with the NS5- North Shore Secondary Public Schools has resulted in an increased choice of curriculum and extra curricular subjects for students including leadership days, sports gala days, Duke of Edinburgh, debating and public speaking competitions. Our P&C is active in supporting our educational programs and the updating of resources including our tennis courts and basketball courts. We have an artificially surfaced full hockey pitch with change rooms and lighting located within our grounds. Our fully flood lit soccer fields are used by the Northern District Football Association.

Addressing issues of student engagement and well-being is an important part of our culture. Support programs are offered over the year to students and parents and include such programs as the "Big Fish Little Fish" Program to assist students and parents in the transition from Primary School to High School. The “Managing HSC Stress“ has been particularly helpful to our year 12 students and their families. A strong student support team assists students with learning difficulties.


Small personal morning teas are held a couple of times per term where families meet the Principal and have a school tour. This allows families to see the school in operation and to meet with teachers and students in an informal climate.

Ms Terri-Anne Kamasz
BA. Dip Ed. Hon. Fellow of the Australian Council of Educational Leaders


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